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Amethyst filigree necklace

CODE: N4D433

Rp. 549,000


Amethyst heart earrings

CODE: E2A434

Rp. 300,000

Out of stock

Antique green crystal earrings

CODE: E4G231

Rp. 559,000

Out of stock

Aquamarine filigree earrings

CODE: E3H329

Rp. 400,000

Out of stock

Argentium cross earrings

CODE: E4I230

Rp. 559,000


Argentium cross pendant necklace

CODE: N3I528

[Contact us for a price]


Argentium key necklace

CODE: N3I529

Rp. 689,000


Awareness ribbon necklace

CODE: N4E532

Rp. 369,000


Bermuda blue earrings

CODE: E4E138

Rp. 419,000


Black and white bracelet

CODE: B5L101

Rp. 219,000

Out of stock