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Adjustable Red rose ring

CODE: R4A102

Rp. 579,000

Out of stock

Charm bracelet watch

CODE: W3K205

Rp. 599,000

Out of stock

Flower adjustable ring

CODE: R3H101

Rp. 259,000

Out of stock

Glasses Holder

CODE: G4E301

Rp. 350,000

Out of stock

Gold-tone round rope watch

CODE: W2K203

Rp. 589,000

Out of stock

Silver-tone rectangle watch

CODE: W2K204

Rp. 569,000


Silver-tone velvet watch

CODE: W3H206

Rp. 489,000

Out of stock

Snow white watch

CODE: W1D201

Rp. 569,000

Out of stock

Sterling silver mobile Charm

CODE: M3B002

Rp. 199,000


Swarovski Element Logo bracelet watch

CODE: W4A406

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